HDSLR Interview scene
Canon 5D Video Interview in Italy for BMC Software

Jetting off to 10 countries in 23 straight days to gather 20 global customer testimonials for a leading software producer, BMC… Feeling the heat while closely shooting the dangerous work of fire fighters on an oil well blow out for the Discovery Channel…

Chevron Marathon
Chevron Marathon

Running to document the participants in Chevron’s Houston Marathon… Surprising dog owners in a park while shooting hand held revelations of “the Pet Psychic” for a reality show for Animal Planet… Laughing along with Kathy Griffin and Rodney Carrington while shooting specials for Comedy Central…


Using a large forklift to set large pieces of oilfield equipment  onto a seamless white background in the field to capture video and stills for product marketing.

President Bush
President Bush Interview

Interviewing former President Bush in a formal executive board room in Houston, Texas for Texas Business Hall of Fame…


Following the early morning 3am activities of  Waste Management  highlighting employee performance using Canon 5D Mark 3 and multiple go pros for time lapse…

Venezuela Boat Race
Venezuela Boat Race for Citgo shown on ESPN

Cruising at over 100mph on Citgo’s powerboat for the annual race on the Orinoco river delta in Venezuela to be shown on ESPN… Interviewing a patient in intense care just minutes after documenting the close-up, intricate removal of his prostate gland…

Willie Nelson Music Video
Willie Nelson Music Video

Shooting the antics of Willie Nelson at his ranch in Austin, Texas for his celebrity filled music video…

Beverage Distributor
Beverage Distributor

Creating images for a book to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of a major beverage distributor… Documenting the movements aboard a top secret nuclear submarine below the Atlantic for the History Channel…

Helicopter Shoot Setup
Helicopter Shoot Offshore for Williams

Hanging out of a helicopter documenting an offshore drilling rig installation in Gulf of Mexico for Williams… Guiding a special snorkel lens in a food packaging plant in South Korea for the huge Asian conglomerate, CJ Corp… Following day to day energy services field operations in Egypt, Dubai, Brazil and Canada to promote the international capabilities of Halliburton…

Sunset at BP Oil Spill
Ground Zero of BP Oil Spill

Documenting the efforts of BP to clean up the Gulf oil spill from offshore ships, helicopters, DC-10’s, shrimp boats, air boats and ATV’s over a 5 month period… Hauling portable dolly equipment into remote pine forests to execute beauty shots to market forest products for BASF…

MU-2 Pilot Training
Flying over Rocky Mts for Mitsubishi Aircraft

Chasing a test pilot at 300 knots at the top of the rockies in a twin engine prop plane using another plane fitted with 5 cameras for pilot training for Mitsubishi aircraft… Crawling around and shooting the space shuttle docked at the Kennedy Space Center for a Lockheed/Boeing marketing effort… Experiencing zero-gravity conditions while shooting on the “vomit comet”  jet over the Gulf of Mexico for a NASA capabilities story…


Capturing travel images of luxurious rental beach homes and stunning landscapes in Nicaragua for real estate developers …


Blazing new trails to find unique wildlife in the Texas hill country…

Underwater Hockey
Underwater Hockey Competition

Snorkeling with a water camera in a collegiate swimming pool to cover the action of the international underwater hockey finals… Humbly shooting hundreds of corporate events, technical training seminars, local, low budget commercials and anything else that fills the gaps between these other once in a lifetime projects.

A Video and Still Imaging Service by Jan K. Glenn