Video Gallery

Director of Photography for commercial spot for regional financial services company.  Shot with Canon C300 II and Ronin-M gimbal, Edelekrone slider and Dana Dolly.

Director of Photography for recruiting video for BP.  Studio work was 2 camera Sony EX3’s with double green screen plus special set up for writing on glass.  Canon 5D used to shoot behind the scenes handheld and location shots on slider.  Still photos were shot  at same time.


Director of Photography for time lapse of Adobe headquarters shot with Canon 5D.  Zoom added in post.


Location production Director/DP for pilot training conference promo for Mitsubishi Aircraft.  Aerials shot air to air with remote control nose cam.  Interviews and b roll  shot with Canon 5D’s and Gopro.


Director/DP/Editor for travel video showcasing resort and residential community.  Shot with Canon 5D and GoPro.


DP/cameraman for conference recap promo for Halliburton.  Participant activity and “behind the scenes” shot with Sony EX3 and several Gopros for time lapse, pop zooms, swish pans and slider moves to supplement shots from main ballroom cameras.

DP/cameraman for employee celebration recap for major car rental agency.  Shot with Canon C300 II and multiple Gopros for time lapse effects.

DP/cameraman for corporate communications.   An example of sit-down, documentary interviews with slider effect.  Shot with Canon 5DM3 and Edelkrone slider.


DP/Editor for surfing video used to promote rental beach house.  Shot at 60 fps and slowed down 50% in edit.

Cameraman for surfing video shot in the water with Gopro on a stick.

Cameraman/Editor for underwater hockey game.  Shot with GoPro free diving with snorkel and mask.

A Video and Still Imaging Service by Jan K. Glenn